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Prespraying is one step in the carpet cleaning process that is often underrated for its need or effectiveness. Yet, it is one of the most important procedures in carpet care. Pre sprays are powerful cleaners designed to penetrate oily soils and break their bond with carpet fiber. Thereby making the carpet cleaner perform more efficiently, giving a more uniform appearance to the cleaned carpet. Pre sprays may be applied using a pump-up, electric, pressure sprayer or hand held trigger sprayer. Pre sprays should be applied to the entire area of the carpet to be cleaned and allowed to dwell approximately ten minutes prior to machine cleaning.

Equipment Needed Chemicals Needed
Pressure sprayer Wet Floor Signs Prespray


  1. Move any obstacles, furniture or merchandise which can be moved.
  2. Position wet floor signs.
  3. Vacuum the area.
  4. In a bucket mix a Prespray solution following label directions. Pour the Prespray solution into your pressure sprayer.
  5. Spray entire area of carpet to be cleaned. Spray heavier on spots, heavily soiled areas and traffic lanes.
  6. Allow Prespray to dwell 5 to 10 minutes prior to machine cleaning.

Professional Maintenance Tips:

  • Always wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • It is best to have the spray come out in a fine, even mist. Keep the pressure in the sprayer high to make the spray consistent.