MILD ABRASIVE SCOURING CLEANSER CREME CLEANSER is a fast-acting, mild abrasive cleaner formulated with detergents, oxygen bleach and a jeweler’s grade abrasive.  The extra thick liquid removes stubborn stains, grease, soap scum and other difficult soils. USE INFORMATION:  For use on countertops, porcelain, ceramic tile,  fiberglass, most restroom surfaces, stainless steel and other hard surfaces […] Click Here for more information »

    A powerful combination of enzymes and living bacteria that accelerates soil break down and continues to clean after initial application with no rinsing required.  ENZY-CLEAN is a natural deodorizer on hard, non-porous surfaces, as well as drains.  Consistent use in drains will maintain flow through plumbing systems. ENZY-CLEAN Contains a high concentration of four different […] Click Here for more information »

    Deodorant Concentrate

    Strong, fresh smelling deodorizer that eliminates odors. Malodor counteractants work to destroy odors at the source, and the fresh, pleasant fragrance provides immediate cover-up. For use in motel rooms, dining areas, restrooms, any area where odors need to be eliminated. Click Here for more information »

    Ammoniated Concentrate

    Concentrated, premium window cleaner that meets professional standards. Powerful combination of aggressive cleaning solvents and ammonia provide fast and efficient cleaning. Effectively cuts grease, smoke, soot, nicotine, smog and insect residues. Click Here for more information »
  • HYPEROX™ Stain Remover

    Stain Remover RTU

    A ready-to-use all purpose cleaner/degreaser formulated with biodegradable surfactants and hydrogen peroxide. For use on glass, floors, spray and wipe cleaning, general degreasing, bathroom and shower room cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and restoration, stainless steel cleaning, odor elimination, carpet and fabric cleaning and spotting. Click Here for more information »

    Cuts through tough soil films to remove smudges, stains and fingerprints. Resists resoiling. Leaves a protective coating. Cleans, polishes, and protects stainless steel, chrome and aluminum. Click Here for more information »

    READY-TO-USE DEODORIZER SPRAY ‘N FRESH provides relief from offensive odors.  It eliminates odors associated with cooking, food, smoke, vomit, human waste, animal waste, pests, mildew and many others on hard surfaces, carpet and fabric.  SPRAY ‘N FRESH has a pleasant, long-lasting, fresh scent, leaving areas smelling clean and fresh, without any residue.  Case includes 3 trigger sprayers. […] Click Here for more information »