TRUMIX DC2® solves your toughest chemical management issues…

  • Space limitations
  • Chemical waste
  • Safety
  • Employee training
  • OSHA compliance

The TRUMIX DC2® leads the competition in convenience and reliability…

  • Pre-assembled – installs in minutes
  • Compact, lightweight design, with no loose components
  • Broad regulatory approvals
  • E-Gap eductors for consistent, accurate dilutions
  • One chemical SKU fits both dispensers
  • Dispenses multiple products with no chemical carryover
  • Easy to operate – simply snap bottle into place and push ‘fill’
  • 2.0 GPM and 3.5 GPM flow rates
  • Proprietary shroud accepts only TRUMIX packaging
  • Low cost and low maintenance

The TRUMIX DC2® system is SMART and SIMPLE

The Dispensers…Customize your program with our multiple equipment options. Stationary and Mobile have multi-flow capabilities. Compact, lightweight, and easy to install. One chemical SKU fits all dispensers, reducing inventory requirements.

The Chemicals…Quality formulations give you peace of mind. Super-concentrated liquids in spill-proof half-gallon packages, with dual-flow ‘purge’ cartridges to prevent chemical carryover.

The Labor…TRUMIX DC2® takes the guesswork out of chemical management. Colors, numbers, and icons simplify employee training, product selection, and use. Spill-proof containers increase safety by eliminating the risk of chemical contact.